Opening night: November 18th

November 17th – November 29th 2016, tuesday–sunday 2 p.m.–7 p.m.

Jeong, Yongdo

Eunok Hwang, Fabian Bechtle, Jaewook Lee Jeonghan Kim, Konrad Mühe, Noa Im,
Sook Jin Jo

The basic ideas comprising the exhibition station MOVES are approached through relativity theory. This idea suggests that everybody has his or her own “temporal speed” (proper time). In our real lives in contemporary culture, speed is central, not only in portraying human lives and minds and realities, but also in in the advancement of modernity – technological development. However, conflicting human desires have cordoned off cultures, histories, and lives through physical barriers and political divisions. The resulting ideological barriers deform human truths.


People in cyberspace and the world of information have immense capacity to enjoy freedom, where borders interweave and lose power. Internet and new media technologies open up new possibilities and create a new “dialectic of unification”. These technologies steadily dissolve borders, previously experienced as rigid national and international boundaries. The supposedly simple truths of this ordered system manipulate people to compel obedience. These systems of ‚correctness‘ demand we become good citizens in a competitive world of rank and capital. But in this new era of change, grand ’stations‘ of order disperse and differentiate with new media messages, with a theme of freedom: everybody has the right to negotiate their own space. Fixed forms of contemporary ‚culture‘ disappear and movement, from each forum where people meet and communicate, is the first principle of global citizenship. As Aristotle put it long before the digital age, when something moves with its own propulsive force, even when it’s invisible it still has the power to change the world. Modern people, with an unbound ability to roam, are exercising this freedom, and transcending the boundaries that once cut them off from each other. This is leading us into a new world of “Unification”.

Organized by Yongdo Jeong / NON Berlin
Cooperated with MEINBLAU e.V.
Supported by Korea Arts Management Service

Curated by Jeong, Yongdo


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