Bookrelease (Preview) and exhibit presentation

Künstlerische Leitung // curator: Bernhard Draz | Laudatio // speech: Matthias Reichelt

Ausstellungseröffnung // Opening
Do., 15. Juli 2021 19 Uhr // Thu., July 15, 2021 from 7 pm

Ausstellung // Duration
16.07.–18.07. 2021

Fr.-So., 14–19 Uhr //
Fri. – Sun., 2–7 pm

Phenomena of exponential growth are not only known to us since the Corona pandemic. But only since the exponentially increasing number of cases the discussion about the dynamics of these processes became popular.

Sven Kalden has been dealing with exponential growth processes and their consequences related to the economic and monetary system in his plastic works for several years. On the occasion of his book presentation PATTERNS he shows a selection of works that find a clear form in their plastic, medial and graphic realizations to show the elusive progressions of these processes.

PATTERNS shows important works by Kalden from a period of more than 20 years. In addition to the concept of growth, fragmentation, dissolution, and isolation are central aspects that are taken up again and again. Furthermore, media references, especially to film history, and artistic role models are important. Sven Kalden’s approach of elaborating social conflicts on the basis of simple forms, patterns or templates leads to a relationship of tension in which the open form and the socio-political context mutually charge and expand each other.

The publication PATTERNS is published by Verlag für moderne Kunst VFMK, Vienna.

The graphic artist Michael Rudolph/ Milchhof designed the book.

With texts by Matthias Reichelt (ed.), Sabine Winkler, Shlomit Baumann, Boris Abel, Bernd Senf and Rainer Mausfeld.

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