Artists: Ángel Mateo Charris, Marcelo Fuentes, Dis Berlin, Damián Flores, Carlos García Alix, Paco de la Torre, Teresa Tomás, Joël Maestre, Roberto Mollá, Jorge Taranzona, Fernando Martín Godoy, Elena Goñi, Juan Cuéllar, Guillermo Peñalver Fernández, Nelo Vinuesa, Gonzalo Elvira y Chema Peralta.

Curated by Juan Cuéllar und Roberto Mollá

Opening: Thursday, 19. Oktober, 7pm
!!  special guided tour by the curators at 6pm !!

Opening hours 20.October-12.November 2017
Thur-Sun 2-7h 

17 well-known Spanish artists will show their works in the MEINBLAU project space in Berlin from October, 20th to November, 12th. All of them are known as representatives of the Spanish post-conceptual Figuration or are close to it. All of the here shown works – mostly paintings but also an installation and a video – concentrate on architecture and spatial geometry: as main motiv, background, frame or as symbolic element.

The forge of geometric armature is the support and constitution of the aesthetic identity by the chosen artists for the exhibition. The vision of their cities, the real or phantastic trips, the false perspectives and the relationship of the individual with its urban environment, relationship sometimes of isolation, in quiet spaces loaded with mystery and timelessness.
Timeless as the light of the autumnal sun on a Valencian wall that painted and wrote Ramón Gaya and that could also have painted Marcelo Fuentes. But timeless also as David Lynch’s Red Room, one more dimension of the taste of painters like Paco de la Torre: In the Red Room there is no problem of time. And everything can happen. It is a free zone, completely unpredictable and therefore exciting, but also terrifying. And it’s just fascinating to visit that kind of place. Metaphysics and space / time cracks are for these painters a common piazza where to meet. The silhouette of a city is represented as a still life of Morandi.

Many of these artists have already participated in thematic group exhibitions focused on architecture, like the exhibition Game of Architectures in the gallery Guillermo de Osma (Madrid, 2008) and the exhibition Of architecture. The Houses of Life (Paraphrasing Mario Praz) at Siboney Gallery (Santander, 2010). 

The exhibition is supported by the Spanish ministry of culture, education and sport in co-operation with the Spanish embassy in Berlin and the Instituto Cervantes Berlin.

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