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Georg Klein: Sprich mit mir (Installation)
Marcus Gammel / DeutschlandRadio: Buchpräsentation mit Georg Klein
Agnès Guipont / La Vie en Bô: French Experimental Songs
Wendelin Büchler / Corvo Records: DJ


Friday March 13th 2015
8 p.m.  – open from 6 p.m.

The borderlines that shape our everyday lives play a central role in the work of the internationally acclaimed composer, sound and media artist Georg Klein. In his installations and interventions in the public space, he compresses visual and acoustic, situational and political components into a charged aesthetic space in which visitors interact with or participate in the works – in a way that is sometimes highly provocative and other times simply amusing, but always with a deeper meaning. Klein challenges his audience’s perceptual faculties, employing bordercrossing audiovisual constellations as well as political fakes that lead visitors onto shaky ground and make them question identities. Artistic boundaries are likewise transgressed here in an unsettling fashion: the borderline between art and reality as well as those between the artistic genres. This catalog brings together for the first time the artist’s works, many of which exist only temporarily, in order to discuss them within an art-theoretical framework.

 Georg Klein’s work is highly unusual in both sound and new media art. In sound art there is no other artistic position that deals so intensively and rigorously with social reality and public urban space. While these themes are more widespread in new media art, one finds no other artists in that field who have given the musical and the auditory the same precedence, nor is there the same kind of connection to place that Klein has developed. These two aspects constitute the unique quality of this artist’s aesthetic thinking: The precision and sensitivity with which he chooses sounds, noises, images, poems and text compositions for a given project are as unusual as the site-specificity that forms the core of his aesthetic. (Prof. Sabine Sanio , UdK Berlin / Sound Studies)