by the Artist couple Andrade & Odinzow

Eröffnung: Donnerstag 23. November 19:00h

Acoustic Performance von Nadia D´Alo und Benedikt Frey um 20:00h


24.- 26. November 14-19h

Two artists got married in Denmark, on an island in a town called
Ærøskøbing. This is the starting point of the Cold Case project,
an experimental archive research based on an autoethnographic approach.

The Installation „Global Express Wedding“ shown at Meinblau by Andrade & Odinzow is a prologue to the Cold Case project, which will also become an extensive book. The exhibition will be accompanied by an acoustic soundscape by Nadia D´Alo and Benedikt Frey, who will also perform at the opening.

The project is funded by