Gabriele Herzog, Laurence Grave, Pascal Brateau, Andreas Burger, Michel Carmantrand,
Simon English, Tom Früchtl, Stefan Schröter, Russel Webb, Tobias Wenzel

Curated by Michel Carmantrand

Ausstellungseröffnung // Opening
Mi., 23. Juni 2021 15-21 Uhr // Wed., June 23, 2021 from 3 pm

Ausstellung // Duration
24.06.–27.06. 2021

Do.-So., 14–19 Uhr //
Thu. – Sun., 2–7 pm

Even a cardboard box may stare at us, but for that it must not only be isolated, but also hollow, empty, as if absence, relative to its function, was the condition of its subjective presence. Actually absence is not lack but the negative of the full. As in photography, like an X-ray or a scanner, it is through the inversion of values that the image is revealed, by unveiling the sentimental, cultural and consensual flow with which we generally overload it. It is therefore a form of decryption, of reading, which doesn’t pretend to reach any truth whatsoever, but by designating the voids to register the flesh without stopping at the skin. Always a story of surfaces, but of internal surface, the shape of organs.

Michel Carmantrand

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