!Season-Opening at Meinblau!

Friday 23.03. from 19.00h

Duration: 24.03. – 05.04.
Hours: Mon – Sun 15.00h – 19.00h

Aske Sigurd Kraul, Damien Fragnon, Hunter Buck, Ingri Haraldsen, Kristian Askel und
Lion Sauterleute, Naomi Maury, Pako Quijada

Curatorial Team:
Othergrounds, www.othergrounds.org

Othergrounds is proud to present its inaugural exhibition entitled ‘Transience and Transformation’.

Inspired by Sigmund Freud’s essay ‘On Transience’, in which he reflects on an object’s transience, stating that fleetingness will increase its worth and tries to raise the question of whether beauty is truly ephemeral, if it could be elevated, immortalised by transformation or if the transformative aspect is what truly encapsulates beauty. This show brings together artists who take nature or natural processes as a starting point, or as a cornerstone of their work. The artworks on display will bring together elements from three different positions. Presenting the fluctuating state of ephemeral processes, some will only exist for the duration of the show. Others using nature as a foundation to build upon and directly or indirectly bringing it to another level. Lastly, by combining both, the transient as well as the transformative aspect, there are artworks in a constant flux, transforming themselves throughout their lifetime, presenting the beholder with an ever-changing visual incarnation.