-the heartbeat & myocardial contraction-
curated by Maria Hinze

Kimberley de Jong, Jason Sharp, Laura Fong Prosper, Aidan Girt, Maria Hinze, Kevin Doria, Christian Söder, Mike Moya, Alisa Resnik, Eric Craven, Nick Kuepfer, Gambletron, Johnny Nawracaj, Markus Krieger, Philippe Leonard, Kalyani Hemphill,
Nele Brönner, Carola Schimek, Paul Gregor, Camilla Richter, Franziska Lutze, Judith Rudolf

Ausstellungseröffnung / Opening
Sat., 7 March, 2020, 7 pm

Ausstellung / Exhibition hours
Sun. / Mon., 8 – 9 March, 12:00 am – 07:00 pm

Program for the Opening Sat., 7 March, 2020, 7 pm:

Carola Schimek Das Versprechen einer Herzklappe

Kimberley de Jong, Jason Sharp ( Constellation Records )
premiere the dance piece
The Day the Wild cried

Performance Tape Machine:
Nick Kuepfer ( Constellation Records )
Frequency of Grouse Wings

DJ: Ai Ris ( Korallbar, Hamburg ) / Bar: Moviemiento

Tension of Human Life / Herzschwingen

I want you to have a confrontation with something that is real – Heartbeat
Special thank you to Milford Graves

The exhibition Herzschwingen sets out to portray different artists across different mediums who utilize the heartbeat as the essence of their new pieces, performances and live music. Several of the exhibited works garner first-time international attention, such as those of Kimberley de Jong and Jason Sharp’s The Day the Wild cried. The project draws inspiration from the New York-based artist Milford Graves. The tension of life finds temporary solace in rhythms, which are constantly in time with the tempo of movement. This creates a music that adapts and transforms to the rhythms of life.

The project Tension of Human Life – The Heartbeat and Myocardial Contraction brings together artists from Montreal and Berlin in a musical-performative and scientific-medical context. Artistic works will be developed in the Meinblau project space as part of a creative and interprofessional exchange. Experimental music and dance, in combination with visual arts, installation and new media, enter the dialog with results produced by the ultrasound of the heart’s echo as a medical practice – with the aim of visualizing the heartbeat – and opens up a lively and colorful discussion around the subject.

Below is an insight into the rationale behind the artistic choices. The invited artists bring together four elements: Flow, Velocity, Tempo and Rhythm. The project seeks to occupy a space wherein various artistic expressions and medical techniques and methods of examining the heart, together with artistic thinking on the heartbeat and creative methods can be adressed. The artists illuminate the use of the specific technology to monitor the heart, thereby advancing the viewer’s understanding of how the heart is indeed a source for music and art. The project emphasizes the interdependence between these mediums by exposing how rhythms and pulse always exist within us, and how they are made audible and visible with the aid of technology. Music and art serve as a means of feedback while offering potential methods to work with the heartbeat from many different perspectives.

Maria Hinze / Mike Kitcher

the exhibition is granted by:
Canada Council of the Arts

with the friendly support by:
Meinblau e.V
Eidotech GmbH