Solo exhibition by Dolanbay

03.06 bis 30.06.2023

Öffnungszeiten: Do-So,14 bis 19 Uhr

Eröffnung: Samstag, 03. Juni 2023, 12 Uhr im Rahmen von ARTSPRING 2023

“Constative ascriptions take representational forms that eventuate in the transitional but not transformational… Nonetheless, the act of painting is an energia – a body-mind connection into objective reality – that performs a singular act, which is self-reflexive, non-referential and repetitive. Paintings performed thus are non-representational and transformative, hence they are performative.

Negating Blank is a series of performance-based paintings in which the act of painting was reduced to a singular repetitive doing. The act is the continuous drawing of lines by dripping fluid paint onto the canvas, its flow guided by the conditions of time and space.

The paintings, leftovers of the painting performances, indicate layered spaces in depth, yet resolving the dichotomy of negative and positive space, which are thus contemplating each other in unity.”   Dolanbay, June 2023