Ella Ziegler: Performances

Sunday 16. Septemper 2018, 20.00h

Ella Ziegler’s Project MOVEMENT OF EMOTIONS looks at and investigates the immediacy of the performance of emotions in the artistic media of photography, text, video, performance and composition. The special focus is on subjective feelings, which are caused by interpersonal contacts and interactions in different cultural, social and family contexts and can be perceived by bodily actions and impulses of directly involved witnesses. At Meinblau, Ziegler will present the works: „Feigned Unconsciousness“, a collaboration with Morten J. Olsen (vibraphone), Sophia New (speaker) and Daniel Belasco Rogers (speaker), „Stone from the tears of a deer“, which was realized in collaboration with the Residency Program Sigrids Stue in Aarhus / Denmark, and her recent performative investigation about anger and rage.