“modified diencaphalonic episodes” © Schneider I Rauch, 2016

Ira Schneider & Flaut M. Rauch  

March 10.- 20. 2016

The exhibition will show what the title promises: Episodes, video incidents, image sequences, and installation happenings
presented by Ira Schneider, a video art pioneer, and Flaut M. Rauch, an allround multi-media artist.
You are invited to enter their shared diencephalon (also hypothalamus / interbrain), which, located between the cerebrem and brain stem, fulfills important vegetative functions, such as keeping the balance between the poles of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, as well as controlling the biorhythm. Like in science, which only discovered about 1 percent of the diencephalon yet, Ira Schneider and Flaut M. Rauch will rather show fragmentary and episodic details of their work, which in their diversity and different processes modify to one creation.

The line between reality and fiction frequently blurs. Similar to our brain processes, several sequences run simultaneously, which can be observed in detail as well as in the large picture. The consciousness and the artistically clouding of consciousness leads you to the universe of the modified diencaphalonic episodes.

For further information about the artists please visit:
www.ira-schneider.com and www.flautrauch.com