4th FIEBER Festival –
Independent Festival Ibero-American artists of Berlin

Opening: on Thursday October 5, 2017 from 7 pm

“¿Quien soy?, Quem sou eu? Who am I?” – Identidades en tránsito (identities in transition)
Based on the thoughts and experience that identities cannot be understood as a static construct, but instead are in a state of permanent movement and can be reconceived again and again, Fieber Festival is creating a space for artist of all disciplines and genres to show their artwork, get in touch with the audience and a lot of artists from their new-found hometown Berlin to experience, get together and explore.

The artists:
Barbara Richter (BRA), Karmen Kraft (ESP), Duna Rolando (ARG), Lucero Allegri (ARG), Manuela Garcia Aldana (COL), Rosario Aninat (CHL), Marina Roca Die (ESP), Natàlia Bernal (ESP),Muriel Gallardo Weinstein (CHL), Verónica Salguero (ARG),Teresa Casanueva (CUB), Edurne Herrán (ESP), Katica Puga (CHL), Marisa Benjamim (PRT), María Amparo Gomar Vidal (ESP), Ana Correia (PRT) Mara Mahía (ESP), Florencia Lizama (CHL), Antonella Lis Vigilante (ARG), Clo Catalan (CHL), Sara Ferrer (ESP), Raquel Olivas (ESP), Candela Monde(ARG), Maria Rial (ESP), Tiare Maldonado Hucke (CHL)

and performances by:

Xueh Magrini Troll (COL) – Live Painting

Regie: Lorena Valdenegro (CHL) Künstlerische Leitung: Mayra Gómez (ARG). Darstellerinnen: Sandra Feferbaum (ARG), Mayra Gómez (ARG), Ana Soarez (ESP) und María Paula de Oro (COL)

performance intervention: Inês Miguel (PRT) – “Ihre Auswanderung”

and the turntable will be rotated by: DJane Coco Maria


More information about the whole program of the festival from October 5 through October 8, 2017 you’ll find here: www.fieberfestival.com