--------------- AUGUST 2018 ----------------


FACING NORTH KOREA – the observatory project

Artists: Jaebum Kim, Klaas Hübner, Taiyoh Mori, Biho Ryu,Seoul national university graudate school of environmental studies

Opening 10 August  2018, 6pm
Duration: 11 – 30 August 2018

Dora observatory, 2017, The observatory project, Seoul national university graduate school of environmental studies ©



FACING NORTH KOREA - the observatory project is about the border area between North and South Korea, the 248 km-long DMZ. In an artistic reflection combined with scientific research, this territory that has been isolated for over 60 years becomes the inner and outer views as nature, as a border immortalized within the country that not only separates systems and societies but also acts as a buffer and mediator. The main part of the exhibition is an artistic archive that integrates research material on the DMZ and, in particular, the 14 observatories, revealing their real and utopian potential.
curated by Ido Shin, 


Supported by
Meinblau Projektraum
Koreanisches Kulturzentrum,
Bezirksamt Pankow – FA Kunst und Kultur,
Project Space Festival 2018,
Seoul National University Institute for Peace and Unification Studies,
Seoul national university graduate school of environmental studies,
Arts Council Korea