Vom 17. Dezember bis 19. Dezember 2011
Künstler: Nikhil Chopra,  Dolanbay



Sat-Mon 17th-19th December 2011
6pm – 6pm (48hours continuously)

www.dolanbay.com // www.nikhilchopra.net

Curated by TINA LANGE

Acting is a structural form imitating the world. Act is a space emptied of the factitious and the fictitious. It does not clash with authenticity but replaces coherences with the illusory world of the „truth“. A performance, however, exists by virtue of its execution in the live moment.

For two nights and two days, dolanbay and Nikhil Chopra, will continuously cohabit the Meinblau gallery to collaboratively create a performative installation. The artists enter into a time zone parallel to the mundane, experiencing empirical journeys and questioning the notion of activity and passivity in the mode of creation. The liminal experience allows an actual being in the experience. Their work constitutes a migration of performance as a time-based medium to a timeless one while simultaneously maintaining the real-time grammar of the performative act.

The entire space becomes a playground for drawing, painting, sculptural exercises and more, a kind of laboratory where the question of failure or success does not apply. The empty white cube becomes a site, a private as much as a public space filled by expectations and imaginations. It hosts a set of artistic practices, which take as their theoretical and practical point of departure the whole of human relations and the awareness of self-reflexivity.

The contemporary form of modernity is haunted by the occupancy of performativity, hence making a work involves the invention of a process of presentation. In this kind of process, the image is the act.